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Featured Team Member: Bill

My favorite activity as a kid was building things – especially Legos.  This pirate ship was the last Lego project I completed before middle school and sports took over.  It survived in the back of a shelf in my old room in my parent’s house since 1989.  My oldest daughter, Ava, enjoys building with Legos.  This spring, we took my old bin of Legos and the pirate ship from my parent’s house to our house.  To my surprise, my Mom had also saved the instructions to the pirate ship.

We disassembled the ship, cleaned off almost thirty years of dust from the pieces, and put it back together.  It took us six hours over two days.  I assembled the ship the first time by myself.  The second time with my daughter was way better.  Thank you Mom for saving the instructions.

Featured Team Member: Belinda

My husband & I recently vacationed in Hawaii to celebrate our anniversary. In Maui, our most memorable experience was seeing the sunrise from the top of Haleakala; it was well worth getting up at 3 am & trying to stay warm at 10,000 feet. We also enjoyed a luau and learned a little bit about Hawaiian traditions.






On Oahu, we visited Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona memorial. Viewing the names of those entombed was a very sad and moving experience.

One of the most enjoyable experiences was exploring the magical north shore of Oahu. This is the windward side so full of surfers, big waves, and beautiful beaches.

We are hoping to go back someday and look forward to visiting the other islands.

Featured Team Member: Hailey

We really enjoyed our first summer as parents and because of the beautiful weather we were able to really soak up every last minute outside with our little girl. We went on a couple little vacations this year and even took Leighton on her first camping trip. She loves being outdoors just as much as we do, so we are nurturing that love. We got her a hiking pack and she loves being up high on our shoulders where she can see everything. She has gone fishing with us a few times now and we are excited for the day she will get to hold her own little fishing pole. Along the way I took way too many pictures because I’m the mother of a one year old and that’s what we do!

First time driving the boat – she loved it

Sunbathing at South Lake Tahoe


Overlooking Emerald Cove at Lake Tahoe


First Disney Trip




Huntington Beach and the first time her toes touch the Pacific Ocean

She loves being in the pack while we fish

Oregon Coast

First camping trip and hiking around the Olympic Peninsula


Featured Team Member: Walter

I love being outside, especially hiking. I’ve been blessed to hike some amazing places over the years. I’ve had the opportunity to do a great deal of hiking up in Alaska and Upstate New York in the Adirondacks which are a couple of my favorite locations. I’m happy to say that after being here in Washington for 13 plus years finally this summer we made it up to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympics. A trip that was well worth it…. broad sweeping vistas, deer were plentiful, wildflowers were out in force, and there was even little bit of snow left over to add to it all. Of course the best part is doing it with family and friends. I look forward to adding more amazing spots in the years to come.


Featured Team Member: Judy

I grew up in Olympia on Bud inlet. My summers were spent swimming and water skiing. This is a picture of me with two of my grandchildren, Kinsley and Jaycee, on Labor day swimming in Bud Inlet. It has been fun passing on my love of the water with them.


Featured Team Member: Kelsey

I love to explore different places, what my husband & I call – “Adventure time!” Some of our favorite places to visit are New Orleans, Savannah, and most of all Europe! Most recently we explored bites of Canada. Adding Victoria to my list.


Featured Team Member: Tina

I love the outdoors. If I’m doing anything outdoors I’m happy. I enjoy hiking with my family and friends. The beautiful Northwest is an amazing place to explore and hike. My girls and I were able to get some nice hikes conquered this summer.













Featured Team Member: Pam

This summer my family and I went to Oregon to witness the eclipse in totality. We didn’t plan this out in advance but we just happened to have arranged to have this week off of work already and had no plans. We found a church in Salem that allowed camping on their field. My husband and I and our two youngest girls, age 12 and 13, went for it.  We “slept” in our expedition, crammed and completely uncomfortable. The eclipse was truly amazing to see and be part of. Despite the lack of sleep and the 8 hour trip back home to Olympia, we all thought is was worth it and would do it again. It is a family adventure we will not soon forget!

Featured Team Member: Sonya

This year I took an amazing trip to Southeast Asia with two of my girlfriends. We traveled to so many amazing places, learned about the fascinating culture, majestic mountains, delicious food and great beaches.



This is the White Temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Which was absolutely breathtaking.










Featured Team Member: Katie

I love being near any body of water. Weather I’m relaxing, kayaking, fishing, or hiking near it I’m happy. I’ve been fortunate this summer and have had many opportunities.