Russell and Bode Family Dentistry

Featured Team Member: Jennifer

One of my favorite hobbies is Muay Thai Kickboxing. The Academy of Brian Johnson is not a traditional gym, it caters to all kinds of skill levels from beginners to professionals and offers karate, boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing, cardio kickboxing, and Submission Wrestling/MMA for a wide range of ages. In March, I celebrated 5 years at the gym that I consider more like family than a place that I work out. I am currently advancing my skills and possibly taking them into the octagon to spar or fight against another opponent. I look forward to ending my work days with a few hours at the gym. Not only does it help with stress management, but it helps me feel better overall.

Pacific NW Dental Conference

Our team attended the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference June 15th and 16th.  The team attended continuing education classes together and enjoyed some social time.

Pictured is our assistants in an implant workshop.

Featured Team Member: Amanda

Last fall we added a puppy to our family. Meet Milo. He’s a 10 month old, 96 pound, chocolate lab. He is full of energy and keeps us all busy. We have spent a lot of time training Milo and teaching him new tricks. He is very smart and loyal. My 3 daughters absolutely adore him and he is spoiled by the entire family. We are very blessed to have this adorable pup apart of our family. We just love him!

Featured Team Member: Katie

We asked each team member select one word to describe Katie…

…”gentle, bright, cooperative, adventurous, darling, sweet, steady, friendly, supportive, sincere, and radiant.”


Featured Team Member: Lauren

We asked each team member to pick one word to describe Lauren…

“…friendly, pleasant, self-assured, considerate, helpful, supportive, light-hearted, kind, balanced, and scrumtrulescent!”

Featured Team Member: Sonya

We asked each team member to select one word to describe Sonya…

“…accommodating, devoted, gracious, reliable, hard-working, thorough, organized, thoughtful, steady, helpful, tidy, confident, and exceptional!”

Free Dental Day 2017

We treated over 100 patients on Saturday, April 29th!

Thank you to Burkhart Dental Supply, Island Johnny, and Meconi’s Subs for helping make our event a success.


Featured Team Member: Tina

We asked each team member to select one word that best describes Tina…

…”thorough, disciplined, friendly, proficient, honest, fit, diligent, independent, meticulous, confident, caring, motherly, outgoing, reliable, and honest.”

Featured Team Member: Walter

We asked each team member to select one word to best describe Walter…

…”considerate, helpful, dependable, friendly, easy-going, pleasant, conscientious, thoughtful, calming, strong, courteous, awesome, and all-around-great!”

Featured Team Member: Belinda

We asked each team member to select one word to describe Belinda…

…”nurturing, witty, understanding, classy, caring, forthright, fashionable, elegant, inspiring, supportive, determined, courageous, polite, and loyal.”