Have you taken a deep breath today?

Have you taken a deep breath today?

I practice and teach yoga. One of the main components is breathing. I have had people say, “I can’t do yoga” and my reply is “If you can breathe then you can do yoga.”  I have also taught classes at Rady Children’s Hospital for a program called “Yoga for Kids with Cancer”. I participated in a study that began in 2012. The research was gathered from notes about each yoga session that took place in the hospital, with patients and their family members. Yoga Journal published an article outlining the study and the amazing results that breathing techniques and yoga movements had on the participants, in June 2019. (1)

Breathing deeply is not just for those who meditate or practice yoga. Breathing is an imperative function of the human body. Breathing is a free tool, accessible to most of us at any time.

Benefits of Breathing Deeply

1) Decreases stress

2) Relieves pain

3) Stimulates the lymphatic system

4) Improves immunity

5) Increases energy

6) Lowers blood pressure

7) Improves digestion

8) Helps support correct posture  (2)

So then I ask you, if we have this tool available, why do we forget to use it? I don’t have a good answer, but I can tell you, that even as a trained yoga teacher who has taught classes on breathing and breath work, that I also forget to take deep breaths sometimes. I can also attest that when I do remember to breathe deeply, I feel better, calmer and more prepared to carry on with my tasks.  During these stressful times, who wouldn’t want to feel calmer?

Start now. Take 3 full, slow and deep breaths, in and out, and enjoy the calming effects that follow.


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