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Featured Team Member: Tina

Tina is a skilled, ethical, diligent, experienced hygienist.  She is forthright and informative while also being kind and funny.  Her team describes her as loyal, responsible, committed, and passionate.

Featured Team Member: Judy

We asked each team member to select a single word to describe Judy.  She is smart and wise.  Judy is loyal, dedicated and devoted.  Judy is a skillful, knowledgeable teacher because she is practical, understanding, constant, and real.  She is endearing to her team and to our patients.

Dry Mouth?

Do you ever feel like your mouth is as dry as a dessert? Dry mouth is more than a nuisance, it can lead to dental problems and can interfere with sleep. Dry mouth is usually caused by one of the following: Smoking Sjogrens Disease (a condition where the body attacks the fluid producing cells, affecting […]

Welcome Allison to R&B!

Allison comes to us with twenty years of experience in dentistry.  After graduating from the Dental Assisting Technology program at South Puget Sound Community College in 1998, she worked as a dental assistant before moving to the administrative team as a patient coordinator.  Allison loves being a part of the team at Russell and Bode Family […]

Your New Oral Hygiene Superhero

Ever notice a white or brownish coating on the back of your tongue?  That, my friend, is a combination of various debris, dead cells and bacteria.  We know, we know….gross.  But keep reading. You see, our mouths act as a natural “hothouse” for bacteria growth. And when we eat, the bacteria on our tongue feed […]

“Sip all day, get decay!”

“Sip all day, get decay!”   Heavy soda and sugary drink consumption has been linked to health concerns like diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis. But did you know it is also one of the leading causes of tooth decay?  One of the reasons is because milk intake has decreased during the past generation, while juice and […]

Say Cheese!

Say cheese!   Have you ever wondered why you “say cheese” before taking a picture? The purpose of saying cheese is so that your teeth will be visible, giving the appearance of a smile.   Having bad dental hygiene can make it difficult for anyone to say something as simple as cheese or to smile.   Are you tired […]

Why would a child need a sports mouth guard?

Why Would a Child Need A Sports Mouth Guard? Children can suffer a variety of oral health injuries when playing sports that include chipped, cracked, broken or knocked out teeth. Depending upon the age of the child, these types of injuries can cause permanent damage to a child’s oral health, especially if they have already […]

Holiday Cheer from R&B: Bill

September 3, 2009 This Holiday Season we have remembered all our wonderful memories with my father, celebrated all his favorite traditions, and begun new traditions of our own.  Merry Christmas from the entire Bode Family. The bell still rings for me. Please call our practice to schedule your consultation: Olympia Office Phone Number ☎ Olympia […]

Holiday Cheer from R&B: Belinda

What I love about Christmas is decorating; it is always full of wonderful memories. I spend a lot of time decorating my tree as I cherish many of the ornaments I have been given over the years, such as my boys’ “First Ornament” given to me by my aunt, a porcelain angel given by a […]