Rock climbing with Kaden

My son Kaden has really inspired me through this pandemic and I wanted to share the inspiration! Kaden and I were both not working due to the stay-at-home order. I became overwhelmed with different feelings of uncertainty, fear and the unknown. I was having a hard time keeping busy and adjusting to my new routine, as work normally takes most of my time and energy. Having to redirect and refocus was difficult.

My son was also out of work and was unable to fill his time with what he is passionate about, climbing.

All of the climbing gyms and the outdoor climbs he frequents were closed. Since he couldn’t go to the climbing walls, Kaden decided to make the best out of the situation and bring the climbing walls to him!

He did research, went to the hardware store, and built his very own climbing wall to use at our house during quarantine! I was so inspired and proud to watch my son make his time the big time. He doesn’t let anything get him down!

Watching him build a climbing wall at home was my highlight of the Corona Virus quarantine. His drive and determination to make the best of the situation changed my mindset and inspired me. I hope everyone has taken something positive from this situation as we have.