The importance of nasal breathing

The healthy balance of carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitric oxide present- not JUST OXYGEN – in our blood cells that determines how much oxygen our muscles, organs, and tissues can actually utilize.

Allowing for carbon dioxide to increase improves oxygen utilization of the cells in the human body. Nitric oxide – which is created through NASAL BREATHING – is a potent bronchodilator and vasodilator. It helps lower blood pressure and significantly increases the lungs’ oxygen-absorbing capacity (think asthma)!

If you are feeling lethargic, not sleeping well, experiencing anxiety, getting sick often, lacking mental clarity, or experiencing chronic pain, consider your breathing patterns (both day and night).

In a society filled with mouth breathing, sleep deprivation, chronically stressed nervous systems, and overly stimulated lifestyles – actual utilization of oxygen can dramatically improve your health and lead to a more relaxed state of being and can be one of the best habits you can develop for your entire body.

If oxygen utilization could be sold as a pill it would be a HUGE HIT – cue nasal breathing!

Nasal breathing is one of the simplest habits that can DRASTICALLY impact our overall health. Maintaining nasal breathing throughout our daily activities (including exercise) acclimates us to live with lower oxygen, forces our bodies to produce nitric oxide, and allows for the dissociation of oxygen from the blood into the cell. There are benefits of high altitude training for athletes. We can begin to simulate those effects with CONSTANT nasal breathing. ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.

I have been implementing this myself for a while now. I do not get sick as often, I have lost weight, I get more bang for my buck during exercise, I drink less coffee, have more energy AND I get better quality of sleep – coming from someone who could never get a good nights sleep. I sleep like a ROCK! I practice keeping my mouth shut during the day, during exercise, and tape my mouth shut at night (which you should not attempt without the guidance of a professional).

Enjoy better organ function, injury prevention, better sleep, and better health – Keep your mouth SHUT!