Get to know Allison and Clyde!

Name: Clyde Axle Rose

Answers to: Clyde, Clydee Boy and Baby Dog

Likes: Chasing butterflies, eating peanut butter and digging holes

Dislikes: Baths, trips to the vet and strangers

Hidden talent: Saliva bubbles

Adoptiversary: April 4, 2016

Once I had settled into my new house, I knew it wouldn’t feel like a home until I could hear the click-clack of nails on the hardwood floor. I’ve had Boxers for years so the question wasn’t whether or not I would get another Boxer, it was if I would purchase from a breeder or adopt from a rescue.  I was so tempted to go for the breeder option….a chance to train an adorable puppy to be just the way I wanted im to be. But I knew in my heart that saving a life was important.  And so I did.

I brought Clyde home from the Boxer rescue on April 4, 2016.  It didn’t take long for him to settle in and we bonded immediately.  I didn’t realize how special that quick attachment was until he showed signs of aggression toward any new faces or even strange objects.  It became apparent that Clyde had not been introduced to the world in his past life and I had my work cut out for me.  Going for walks was a nightmare, and I learned the hard way that the Starbucks drive-thru was a bad idea!

We needed some serious help!  Enter The Happy Dog Institute.  Clyde and I signed up for special classes specifically designed for dogs with fear and aggression toward strangers.  We learned how to minimize Clyde’s exposure to his triggers and how to trust more of his world over time.  He has accepted a growing group of people into his “club” and is so much more open to new experiences.  He will never be the kind of easy-going dog I can take just anywhere, but I don’t mind.  He is living a wonderful doggo life now with all of the belly rubs and peanut butter he deserves.

I love this goofy hunk of a dog.  And he love me right back.  I wouldn’t change my decision to adopt for anything.