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Featured Team Member: Pam

This summer my family and I went to Oregon to witness the eclipse in totality. We didn’t plan this out in advance but we just happened to have arranged to have this week off of work already and had no plans. We found a church in Salem that allowed camping on their field. My husband and I and our two youngest girls, age 12 and 13, went for it.  We “slept” in our expedition, crammed and completely uncomfortable. The eclipse was truly amazing to see and be part of. Despite the lack of sleep and the 8 hour trip back home to Olympia, we all thought is was worth it and would do it again. It is a family adventure we will not soon forget!

Featured Team Member: Sonya

This year I took an amazing trip to Southeast Asia with two of my girlfriends. We traveled to so many amazing places, learned about the fascinating culture, majestic mountains, delicious food and great beaches.



This is the White Temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Which was absolutely breathtaking.










Featured Team Member: Katie

I love being near any body of water. Weather I’m relaxing, kayaking, fishing, or hiking near it I’m happy. I’ve been fortunate this summer and have had many opportunities.

Union Gospel Mission Concert – October 21st

Come see Dr. Russell, his wife, Katie, and other local dentists and performers at the annual “No-Fee Dental Benefit Show” in support of the Union Gospel Mission Dental Clinic which provides a unique and outstanding service to those in our community who cannot access dental care for financial reasons.

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Featured Team Member: Steve

Russell Road Trip 2017

My family and I took a two week road trip this summer with our truck and camper and had a blast! We had to be flexible right of the bat when our first 3 day stop, Crater Lake, was engulfed in smoke from multiple nearby fires. We diverted to the Mt. Shasta wilderness and enjoyed that. Next, we headed south to Kirkwood Mountain, CA were we hiked, biked and swam to our hearts content. We spent our weekend visiting college friends in Mill Valley, CA, near San Francisco. Our children got on so well with theirs (and Katie especially enjoyed the comforts of home), it was hard to leave. From there, we traveled north and spent 5 days exploring the majestic and awe-inspiring Red Woods. We finished our trip at Bullard’s Beach State Park in Southern Oregon for some sand and water play. This was a great family vacation and was a blessing to experience just before sending the kids off to school.  Peyton (9) is entering 3rd grade and Allison (6), will join him as a kindergartener.

Featured Team Member: Kami

Road trips.

Mt. Rushmore

I love them, and thankfully, so does my husband!  Some of our road trips have been 1 day, some have been a few weeks.  If it involves the car, beautiful scenery, great music, and uninterrupted time with Dave, I’m all in.  Here are pictures from a few of our favorite trips.

Cannon Beach

Seattle Big Wheel

Old Faithful in Yellowstone


Mt. Rainier

Featured Team Member: Sarah

My Endless Pool

Our family moved to a new home earlier this summer and it has an endless swimming pool. My kids are having a great summer swimming with their friends and the best part is riding the current at the highest speed. I like to keep the temperature set at 90 degrees but occasionally bump it up a little warmer to make it feel more like a hot tub.  My 4 year old loves to put on his life vest and snorkeling gear and  jump into the current floating it to the end (over and over again for hours), while my 8 year old loves to swim below the current and then pop up and ride the wave to the end.

I would have never thought to get an endless pool but now that we have one I realize what a great investment and workout it is. I usually just have fun with the kids but I have used it a couple of times to swim into the current. It is such a great workout and also very difficult (at least for me) because I am not a great swimmer. My personal goal is utilize this pool for its intended purpose more and to become a more confident swimmer while getting a great workout in return. We are looking forward to many years of fun in this pool!

Featured Team Member: Alyssa

This year we helped welcome our first grand-baby into the world. Our oldest son and his beautiful girlfriend blessed our families with Henzley Kay. She joined our family June 1st. From the moment she was born she had all of us wrapped around her little fingers. We have enjoyed every moment thus far and we can not wait to see her personality develop. Watching her grow will be a wonderful experience. All of our hearts are full with love for this little one.

Featured Team Member: Joey

Golfing is my newest hobby. I enjoy many hobbies in my free time such as hiking, kayaking, crocheting, reading, going to baseball and football games, traveling with my husband, and playing with my nieces and nephews. My newest favorite thing to do is golf. I just can’t get enough of it!

Last summer I bought a full women’s golf club set for $2.50 at a garage sale. This is me holding my very first set of golf clubs!

I used to go to the driving range with my husband, Stephen, and use his driver. It was so long that I would choke up half way up the handle and the other end would be hitting me in the stomach. Finally, after getting my own set I was able to actually play golf and not just hit balls at the driving range. I love being able to get out into the sunshine any time of day any day of the week to improve my golf game. It’s fun practicing and actually noticing improvement. Maybe this year I won’t be in the bunkers so much. However, my sand trap swings are on point now!

One sad afternoon my driver head decided to fly off alongside the ball.

A very wonderful woman donated her driver, 5 iron and 7 iron to me. Oh boy can I tell the difference between a metal shaft and a graphite flex shaft! I am so in love with the game of golf that I can actually tolerate watching tournaments on TV with my husband now. If you see me out on the golf course, feel free to laugh at my “technique” aka baseball swing…just know that I am still a beginner.

Featured Team Member: Lauren

I love summers in Washington. There is no other state that comes even close to capturing the beauty that is our mountains. That is why every summer starting in late July after the ice has usually melted my husband, Justin, and my younger brother, Jacob, and I all dig out our hiking packs, gather all of our camping supplies and hit the trails.

Hiking in the Olympics is my personal favorite and I am so excited to resume our weekly trips soon. Below you will get just a small glimpse of what hiking in the Olympics looks like. The breathtaking views are something magical. You really get a feeling of how small you truly are when staring across a valley at the peaks of the surrounding terrain.

My personal favorite hike is “The Lake of the Angels in the Valley of Heaven” located on the Olympic Peninsula. This hike is not for beginners, but once you have conquered the nearly vertical trail the views are stunning. If this hike is attempted, please learn from our mistakes and do not plan this as a day hike. This is a two day, overnight adventure and it is so worth it.  Check out some more of our photos below!