Your New Oral Hygiene Superhero

Ever notice a white or brownish coating on the back of your tongue?  That, my friend, is a combination of various debris, dead cells and bacteria.  We know, we know….gross.  But keep reading. You see, our mouths act as a natural “hothouse” for bacteria growth. And when we eat, the bacteria on our tongue feed on the food left behind, emitting an unpleasant smell and that not-so-great taste in your mouth.  In other words, that coating on your tongue is a major cause of bad breath!


So what can you do about it?  Call on the help of your new oral hygiene superhero: The tongue scraper!  Available in either plastic or metal designs, the tongue scraper is an easy to use tool.  Just draw the blade gently from the back of your tongue toward the tip, rinsing the blade between passes. Repeat this motion a few times until the coating is gone and your tongue has returned to its natural pinkish red color.  You will be amazed how much fresher your mouth feels.


While a lot of us are in the habit of brushing our tongues when we brush our teeth, it’s not quite as affective at removing this coating.  By adding a tongue scraper to your regular flossing and brushing routine, you are helping to maximize the removal of the bad breath-causing bacteria. We’d call that a win!


So kick that coffee breath to the curb and add a tongue scraper to your dental care toolkit today.