Featured Team Member: Lauren

I love summers in Washington. There is no other state that comes even close to capturing the beauty that is our mountains. That is why every summer starting in late July after the ice has usually melted my husband, Justin, and my younger brother, Jacob, and I all dig out our hiking packs, gather all of our camping supplies and hit the trails.

Hiking in the Olympics is my personal favorite and I am so excited to resume our weekly trips soon. Below you will get just a small glimpse of what hiking in the Olympics looks like. The breathtaking views are something magical. You really get a feeling of how small you truly are when staring across a valley at the peaks of the surrounding terrain.

My personal favorite hike is “The Lake of the Angels in the Valley of Heaven” located on the Olympic Peninsula. This hike is not for beginners, but once you have conquered the nearly vertical trail the views are stunning. If this hike is attempted, please learn from our mistakes and do not plan this as a day hike. This is a two day, overnight adventure and it is so worth it.  Check out some more of our photos below!