Featured Team Member: Joey

Golfing is my newest hobby. I enjoy many hobbies in my free time such as hiking, kayaking, crocheting, reading, going to baseball and football games, traveling with my husband, and playing with my nieces and nephews. My newest favorite thing to do is golf. I just can’t get enough of it!

Last summer I bought a full women’s golf club set for $2.50 at a garage sale. This is me holding my very first set of golf clubs!

I used to go to the driving range with my husband, Stephen, and use his driver. It was so long that I would choke up half way up the handle and the other end would be hitting me in the stomach. Finally, after getting my own set I was able to actually play golf and not just hit balls at the driving range. I love being able to get out into the sunshine any time of day any day of the week to improve my golf game. It’s fun practicing and actually noticing improvement. Maybe this year I won’t be in the bunkers so much. However, my sand trap swings are on point now!

One sad afternoon my driver head decided to fly off alongside the ball.

A very wonderful woman donated her driver, 5 iron and 7 iron to me. Oh boy can I tell the difference between a metal shaft and a graphite flex shaft! I am so in love with the game of golf that I can actually tolerate watching tournaments on TV with my husband now. If you see me out on the golf course, feel free to laugh at my “technique” aka baseball swing…just know that I am still a beginner.