R&B Tip of the Week: Your Oral Health During Pregnancy

Your Oral Health during Pregnancy


Always inform your dentist and hygienist if you are or may be pregnant and don’t postpone or put off seeing your dentist during your pregnancy. Keeping your mouth healthy helps keep you and your baby healthy.

Pregnant woman are more at risk for oral health conditions such as “Pregnancy Gingivitis”.

Pregnancy gingivitis can cause complications not only in your mouth but also with your pregnancy. It can lead to periodontitis (a more advanced stage of gum disease) which increases your risk for preterm birth and low birth weight.

Signs of pregnancy gingivitis/periodontitis:

1. Red/swollen gums

2. Gums that bleed easily (when brushing or flossing)

3.Tooth or gum pain

Ways to prevent pregnancy gingivitis/periodontitis:

1. Practice good oral hygiene

2. Eat a healthy diet

3. Visit your dentist

Some dental benefit plans cover an extra cleaning for pregnant women (three cleanings per year). Check and see if your insurance plan has this feature.