Holiday Cheer from R&B: Steve


“Getting Crafty”

Katie and I have always enjoyed prepping for the holidays. Lights on the house, Christmas tree, decorations, the usual stuff. As Allie (6) and Peyton (9) have gotten older and more involved, they have really started to contribute their own ideas and are great helpers. They love to make crafts as gifts for family, friends, teachers, etc., and Allie is getting to practice her ever improving writing skills to craft holiday greetings. Lately, we’ve woken to the children locked away in a room wrapping a gift and generally collaborating. I’ve enjoyed spying in on some of these sweet moments. Seeing the kids start to take ownership of our holiday traditions and add their own has been an added joy to what can be a crazy time of year. Joy and Blessings to you and yours over the holiday.

The Russell Family

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