Holiday Cheer from R&B: Hailey

New traditions: 

haileychristmas1This has been a great year for my little family. We were blessed with our first child, a baby girl we named Leighton. The holidays have been a little extra magical so far. My husband, Ryan, and I have been talking about what traditions we would like to uphold now that we have a daughter of our own. Some traditions, she obviously can’t be a part of yet, and others will be just for us to see the joy on her face and tell her later, “We started doing this on your very first Christmas.” 

haileychristmas2Since we’ve been married we’ve inadvertently splurged on an ornament that reminds us of our year, each year. It always sparks the best memories and brings so much joy when I get to hang these on the tree. My favorite ornament, so far, is a sparkly little pineapple Ryan bought along the Road to Hana while we were on our honeymoon. We decided this will be a tradition we will intentionally continue with our daughter. This year I ordered a special ornament with her name and a beautiful design. I can’t wait for her to be able to choose her own next year, and some day be involved in deciding which one best encapsulates that year for our little family. 

I didn’t expect for her to participate as much as she did in decorating the tree this year. I was trying to hurry up and decorate while she was napping but Leighton had other plans. She sat contently in awe of all the lights, which prompted me to put 9 strands of lights on the tree! I’ve got to keep my girl happy! I loved listening to her coos and showing her all of the ornaments. Although she won’t remember, she enjoyed it so much. Watching her look at the tree and “tell me about it” is a memory I will treasure.  

We have a few other traditions that we want to include her in, and I am anxious to see if she decides to include herself in another tradition unexpectedly. So far, it has brought us so much holiday spirit and joy just having her along for the ride.