Holiday Cheer from R&B: Bill


Two months ago, as the Holiday Season approached, I asked each team member to prepare a blog post about what the holidays mean to them.  The posts could include a favorite tradition, a favorite recipe, an expression of thanks, a reflection of the past year, or simply provide some holiday cheer.  I have enjoyed them all.

I get to go last.

I am thankful for our patients.  I am thankful for the opportunity to provide care for our community.  I am thankful that we get to help people – even in very small ways – each and every day.  That is what matters.  That is why we show up.

zoolightsIn order to provide exceptional patient care, you must have an exceptional team.  We do.  When you have a great team the rest falls into place.  Conventional wisdom tells us that as business owners we must keep a certain professional “space” between ourselves and our employees…that we all should keep our personal lives out of the office.  Well, I disagree.  I want to know the highs and the lows.  I want to be there to support our team.  I want them to know me.  To know my family.  To know what matters to me.  To know when I’m happy.  To know intuitively when I’m not and maybe need a little support myself.  That’s team.  That’s community.

I am thankful for Judy.  She is a mother to three girls, a grandmother, and the perfect person for “girl-parenting” advice.  I am so glad she came into my life.

I am thankful for Belinda.  She encourages me to be great.  She challenges me to be a better boss and a better leader.  Her skill, knowledge, class, and judgement allow me the freedom to “do what I do.”  I trust her implicitly.  She is kind, loving, and compassionate.  She hates it when I say this, but…she is a second mom to both Steve and I.  And I cannot think of a bigger compliment.

I am thankful for Tina.  She is also a mother to three teenage girls.  I chuckled when her girls picked her up a couple weeks ago because I know that’s me in a little more than a decade.  I admire how she goes about her business every day – both personally and professionally.  She makes me think and pushes me to be a better dentist.

I am thankful for Walter…father, grandfather, a steadying force for me for the last decade, one of the most reliable people I know, my confidant, my friend.

I am thankful for Sonya and Alyssa.  They are so different, but will also always be connected.  We have grown together as people and professionals.  Along with Walter, they have been there every day of my career.  I am grateful for ten years of loyalty and trust and friendship.  Both ladies are tremendously important to me.

I am thankful for Sonya.  Over the last ten years, I’ve spent more time with Sonya than anyone besides my wife.  She is organized, meticulous, and driven.  She excels at everything I’ve ever asked her to do.

I am thankful for Alyssa.  She is often my life coach.  Her perspectives and experiences regularly differ from me.  Knowing her has helped me become more compassionate, more empathetic, and generally a better person.

I am thankful for Jennifer.  She is loyal, genuinely caring person.  I can count on her for anything.

I am thankful for Pam.  She is simply one of the kindest people I know.  Her compassion and empathy should be an example to us all.

I am thankful for Kami.  She is my Editor-in-Chief, a woman who truly speaks my language.  She understands me even when I am not making any sense.  I am grateful for her counsel.

seahawksbodesI am thankful for Sarah.  I am thankful for Sarah’s love of 80’s music.  I admire her devotion to her community, her family, and especially all the kids in school.  We need Sarah – and more people like Sarah – on our school boards and helping our educators lead our children.

I am thankful for Hailey.  We have missed you so much.  Her spirit is uplifting and she makes the whole office a better, happier place.

I am thankful for Amanda.  She is also a mother to three girls.  I spend more time chair-side with Amanda than anyone else.  We talk kids, parenting, and we support each other.  She is always positive, she is always happy at work.  No matter what else is happening around us, she is always present and uplifting.  She really carries me on the days I need it.

I am thankful for Katie (and her dogs).  She makes my days more fun.  I admire her work-ethic, selflessness, and devotion to her family.  She just makes me smile.

I am thankful for Kelsey.  Her sense of humor instantly made our office more fun.  Her love for life is contagious.  And I can safely say that the entire office if thankful for Kelsey’s baking.  Her treats are amazing!

I am thankful for Joey.  Her passion and enthusiasm for patient care and for her community are uplifting for the entire office.

I am thankful for Lauren.   I am so excited to have her as part of the team.  She has already proven to be a wonderful addition.  I look forward to getting go know her better.

I am thankful for Chris.  Although he is not an “official” part of the team, he is definitely part of my team.  He has provided me with support, wisdom, encouragement, and friendship for the past ten years.  I am blessed to work with him.

I am thankful for Matt D., Mike R., and Steve C. for their expertise and their continued support and friendship.

billstevehuskygameI am thankful for Steve.  He is quite simply the finest dentist I know.  I am a happier man because of our partnership.  He gives me freedom and unconditional support.  He carries with him a tremendous amount of responsibility as a son, husband, father, dentist, friend, and boss…and he does it all with grace and an unmatched professionalism.  I rely on Steve in a way that I rely on no one else.

I am thankful for my family and friends – new and old – especially Gannon and Jayme S., Ryan W., Ryan A., Joe O., Kyle W., and Jack M.

I am thankful for Steve and Karyn for loving my dog and for their friendship.

I am thankful for my dog Angus.   He is just as excited to see me when I get home from work today as he was the day we got him.

I am thankful for Amanda for loving my kids.  My family is grateful to you.

I am thankful for my grandmother.  And I am thankful for my late grandfather.  I work hard at everything I do – personally and professionally – to make them proud.

I am thankful for Lianna.  Her sense of humor and kind heart bring out the best in my brother.  She is a joy and a blessing for our family.

billkidshalloweenI am thankful for Conner.  Our nephew is the sweetest little boy ever.  I am so happy to be a part of his life and to watch him grow with my girls.

I am thankful for my brother Matt.  We are on the same page.  We always have been.  Even when we were kids and not getting along, we were still on the same page.  The rare times when we’re not, we figure it out.  Every time.  There is a rare honesty and integrity between us that exists because we are brothers.  Nothing gets past him.  Not everyone gets to have a brother, I am lucky.  And I am a better man because of him.  Outside of my wife, he is my single most important adult relationship.

I am thankful for my Dad.  When I was about fourteen my folks remodeled our upstairs.  There was an old couch that came with the house.  We needed it out.  And we also needed the new couch up moved up.  The stairs were way too narrow.  So we tossed the old couch out the second floor window.  Then my Dad got out a ladder, put the new couch on his shoulders and climbed up the ladder with the couch on his shoulder and shoved it through the second floor window with minimal help at the top from my friend Jack and me.  To some, the takeaway from this would be, “wow, my Dad is tough.”  But for me, the takeaway was “find a solution.”  Let other people worry about what “can’t be done.”  Just figure it out.  Thank you, Dad.  Lesson learned.  And the other side of my Dad is the man who taught us that “empathy is the most important word in the English language.”

I am thankful for my Mom.  I am thankful for the freedom and trust she gave Matt and me.  I am thankful for her giving us the confidence to make our own decisions, while at the same time providing structure and direction and encouragement.  The biggest compliment I can give someone is to say that they “always show up.”  Showing up means a lot more to me than just being present.  My Mom always shows up.

I am thankful for my parent’s grit and resilience.  Those qualities cannot be taught or coached with words and they cannot be faked.  However, they can be demonstrated and they can be lived and they can be learned.  I am grateful for my parent’s example.

bodefamily2016Above all else, I am thankful for my wife Tracie and my three girls – Ava, Claire, and Grace.  They are the favorite part of my day every day.  They are everything to me.

We read “The Polar Express” almost every night during the Christmas Season (we also like the movie).  “The Polar Express” is about belief.  It ends with:

At one time, most of my friends could hear the bell, but as years passed, it fell silent for all of them. Even Sarah found one Christmas that she could no longer hear its sweet sound. Though I’ve grown old, the bell still rings for me, as it does for all who truly believe.” 

I believe that we live in a good world filled with good people.  There are exceptions.  There are times when the bell does not ring as loud as others.  But the bell still rings for me.  Always.

Merry Christmas to all!