Featured Team Member: Steve

Russell Road Trip 2017

My family and I took a two week road trip this summer with our truck and camper and had a blast! We had to be flexible right of the bat when our first 3 day stop, Crater Lake, was engulfed in smoke from multiple nearby fires. We diverted to the Mt. Shasta wilderness and enjoyed that. Next, we headed south to Kirkwood Mountain, CA were we hiked, biked and swam to our hearts content. We spent our weekend visiting college friends in Mill Valley, CA, near San Francisco. Our children got on so well with theirs (and Katie especially enjoyed the comforts of home), it was hard to leave. From there, we traveled north and spent 5 days exploring the majestic and awe-inspiring Red Woods. We finished our trip at Bullard’s Beach State Park in Southern Oregon for some sand and water play. This was a great family vacation and was a blessing to experience just before sending the kids off to school.  Peyton (9) is entering 3rd grade and Allison (6), will join him as a kindergartener.