Holiday Cheer from R&B: Kami

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love the lights, I love the trees, I love the music, I love celebrating Jesus birthday, I love the anticipation of being together with family, and I love that Dr. Bode wears Christmas socks from the day after Thanksgiving to Christmas!


This Christmas will be very different for my husband and me. We are moving to California in January! I am finding myself hanging on to things, to people, to traditions ……… anything that feels familiar and comfortable. I’m also finding myself worrying ….. about our kids (grown and independent!), our long “to do” list, and the many firsts and lasts we will face in the coming weeks and months. But what I keep coming back to, is the fact that our physical location will not change a single cherished memory that I have.


We enjoyed every minute of our time with our kids, our parents, and our siblings over Thanksgiving. We ate a ton of food, played games, reminisced, and just enjoyed being together. No regrets. No unresolved conflicts. Just lots of love and grace.


As we enter this Christmas season, my hope and prayer is that we all make the most of every moment we have with family and friends. That we love unconditionally, forgive easily, and give abundantly!  Merry Christmas and we will miss you all!