Featured Team Member: Hailey

We really enjoyed our first summer as parents and because of the beautiful weather we were able to really soak up every last minute outside with our little girl. We went on a couple little vacations this year and even took Leighton on her first camping trip. She loves being outdoors just as much as we do, so we are nurturing that love. We got her a hiking pack and she loves being up high on our shoulders where she can see everything. She has gone fishing with us a few times now and we are excited for the day she will get to hold her own little fishing pole. Along the way I took way too many pictures because I’m the mother of a one year old and that’s what we do!

First time driving the boat – she loved it

Sunbathing at South Lake Tahoe


Overlooking Emerald Cove at Lake Tahoe


First Disney Trip




Huntington Beach and the first time her toes touch the Pacific Ocean

She loves being in the pack while we fish

Oregon Coast

First camping trip and hiking around the Olympic Peninsula