Acceptable Procedures – Updated May 4, 2020

April 29, 2020, Governor Inslee updated his recommendations for “non-urgent medical procedures.” The document’s focus is defining “harm” to the patient and PPE requirements of providers to ensure the safety of teams and patients.


Procedures that, if delayed, will not cause the patient “harm” within three months must still be delayed.  The Governor’s proclamation “leaves the assessment of harm up to the individual clinician.”  “Non-urgent” procedures CAN be performed if delaying treatment will cause the patient “significant pain, significant dysfunction, or is either progressing, or at the risk to progress”.


We have determined these “non-urgent” procedures, that CAN be performed at this time, to be:

  1. Pain
  2. Infection
  3. Significant decay obviously into dentin radiographically
  4. Significantly broken teeth
  5. Symptomatic cracked teeth


We have all appropriate PPE and certainly meet all listed requirements.


We are not re-opening for any other restorative procedures or hygiene until May 18th.